In the event that you have been looking at those lovely magazines and admiring the Fireplaces and Outdoor Rooms displayed, then there is good news for you! You can have that in your home even if your house was not built with one. The Fireplace and Patioplace is a Company that has been around since 1968 and it has progressed to be the best place in Pittsburgh that sell and install fireplaces into existing homes. In addition to that The Fireplace and Patioplace specializes in beautiful patio furniture that is characteristic of the modern stylish trends in Outdoor Rooms today.

 Fireplaces are great for those cold nights or when you just want to create a romantic evening with your loved one. Your home may not have one already but do not fret. All you need to do is contact us and we will visit you and converse with you on where you would want to have it. We can add one to any room and you only need to point that out and we will be good to go. For those who are constructing new homes and would want trendy fireplaces, don t hesitate to contact us. We have a wide array of options where you will be able to choose the particular one that appeals to you most. Having a fireplace in the home will actually be beneficial to you in many ways than one so contact us and we ll install one for you in no time.

Looking to add an outdoor kitchen for your outdoor activities? Weekends are great times to invite your close friends and enjoy a day of barbecue and drinks. For this to be made possible, get a hold of our amazing outdoor kitchens. We sell outdoor kitchens that will make the experience unforgettable and this is because of the convenience you will get. With this, you will do all the barbecuing and cooking outside which will save you the trouble of cluttering your indoor kitchen.

 Patio furniture is also our specialty and we always keep up with the modern trends. For a patio that looks inviting and stylish, make a point of getting our beautiful patio furniture that will just blow your mind! The furniture will transform your patio in a way that no other furniture can. For you to get the ultimate patio experience, visit us and have a feel of our furniture and we assure you that you will be spoilt for choice! We deliver and set up so you do not have to worry about how you will get your beautiful new patio furniture to your patio. In case you have a different design in mind to the popular choices, you are welcomed to broach it to us and we will get started on a custom design with you. As far as the color, fabric and size is concerned, we endeavor to deliver in accordance to your wants and needs.

 The Fireplace and Patioplace is a family run Company and we do not sell online. We prefer dealing with our clients up-close and also working with them personally so as to ensure that they are completely satisfied with any merchandise they buy from our Company. Do visit us today and you will be glad that you did!

A brief history of US

Peter J. Magnotti, along with his partner, founded the stone and marble center in 1950. In 1963 Peters’ son William J. (Pat) Magnotti joined the company after graduating from The Citadel. In 1965 Peter J. Magnotti took over 100% of the company and it became known as Magnotti & Son, Inc. The company continued to supply stone, marble, granite and other unusual building material to the Tri-State area. In 1968 Magnotti & Son opened the first of its three “The Fireplace” stores. By 1972 there were three Fireplace stores in operation, and the company became a major source for fireplaces and fireplace accessories. In 1975 “The Fireplace“ became known as “The Fireplace & Patioplace” with the addition of the finest lines of patio furniture and patio accessories. In 1993 The Fireplace & Patioplace added barbecues to their list of fine products and now boasts one of the largest barbecue centers in the United States. In 2004 we relocated our East store in a 10,000sqft retail location on Rt. 22 in Murrysville. In 2004 we also expanded our north locations and added one in Cranberry. Today along with almost 50 employees The Fireplace and Patioplace specializes in installing Fireplaces, designing Outdoor Barbeque Kitchens and creating beautiful Outdoor Rooms furnished with gorgeous Patio Furniture.